Equalize Designz, is a small freelance web development company that was started with the intent of bringing affordable web design to the greater New York Area. Founded in Staten Island, NY just a few years ago the company has grown to be a major provider of affordable web design to small businesses throughout the tri-state area. As a small family run company, our main goal is customer satisfaction. The foundation of our success, is good word of mouth advertising, in the form of referrals from our pleased customers. It is the sincere wish of the founder (myself) and the rest of the family, to always make the best affordable designs for our clients.


Allow me to introduce myself:


My name is Christian Siddons I am founder of Equalize Designz I am a digital media artist and that includes graphic design, print design, and web design. I started out as a chef and I wanted to take pictures of my dishes and do designs for my website. Then I went to school and got my education in digital media arts I learned more then photography and web design. After graduation I started building up clientele and one thing lead to another now that I have a business I decided to make my own website for people view and see if need for any media work.